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In Need of a Caption

Baby Billboard

Wandering around Mong Kok the other day, Libby and I came across this billboard. What’s it for? Not sure. What’s it say? This also remains unknown. But it provides a great chance for some funny caption writing. Post your ideas below, and I will post the ad’s translation in a couple weeks

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5 thoughts on “In Need of a Caption

  1. hkdangerduo on said:

    “MK1 Business Solutions – When your output exceeds their potential, call MK1 to get the job done.”

  2. Hey Michael,

    Glad to hear things are going well out east!! Maybe the sign says “Everybody run, the Giant Acid drooling Human Infant is coming!!!!!” Yeah, that’s definitely what it says. 🙂 Well, take care for now. The pic of your hike with HK in the background is great!

  3. Hi Michael,

    I have a guy from Shanghai here working for us and he says that his dialec is a bit different but he thinks the caption says

    “the baby is born!! new technology and new area”

    Are we right?

  4. I think it says:

    BEWARE gaijin baby is on the loose. (or however you say gaijin in Chinese)

  5. P Giddity on said:

    Babies will destroy us, Kill them all NOW!!!!!
    I wish that’s what it said, then the world would be a better place and this billboard would be the coolest of all time.

    This message is not too offensive or inappropriate to post.

    Please eat Cheesy Snacks.

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