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Breaking Up The Band

Rocking Out in Victoria HarborFrom October 2007:

Frank ‘Dutch-Man’ Te Pas and I, Michael ‘Seriously!?! I Need a Nick Name?’ Dorsher, have joined forces to create the greatest band that Hong Kong, nay, the world has ever seen. We are The Hong Kong Danger Duo.


Update:  Dec 2007:

Now that the semester has ended, and Frank has returned home, we’ve been forced to break up the band.

I’m going to silence the rumor mill right now: our name comes from the Upright Citizen Brigade (UCB), and in that vein, we’re always on the search for new members interested in joining the duo. No: your successful admittance into the band will not result in the formation of the Hong Kong Danger Trio, or Danger Quartet. That would be lame. You join the Duo or you get the hell out.

HKDD does not specialize in any particular genre, unless the genre would be blowing your mind with googlephonic rocking. Stereo’s for cheapskates; Surround-sound for wankers. Why googlephonic then?  Well let’s just say that if you can’t handle music from 10E100,000,000 points of sound, you’re just not ready for the experience.  And if you don’t know what 10E100,000,000 means … well, then … maybe you haven’t studied at enough science and engineering schools while honing your writing talent.  YEAH!

Who do we sound like?  Well, how about no other band imaginable!?!  Some bands focus on fine tuning their craft, fitting within the box that says “Oh, listen to these guys – they’re great!  You know such-and-such band?  They’re just like them!”   You won’t find that kind of base consumer minded music from the Danger Duo.  Just as fast as you can think to yourself “Hey, that song kind of sounds like so-and-so,” you’ll quickly realize that whatever we’re playing couldn’t possibly be that other song:  even if it is!

Our band is a modern day example of David Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking to yourself “I’ve never even heard of that album, or the David Ricardo experience!”  That’s because you’re foolishly basing that idea on musical history, when instead you should be basing your idea on economic history!

Comparative Advantage is the idea that trade creates benefits even if one party can make both goods better than another party.  By specializing and trading, each can accomplish and consume a greater quantity of the two goods.  How implausible and irrelevant is this to the Hong Kong Danger Duo?  About zero implausible and zero irrelevance:  THAT’s how much!

I play drums and guitar.  I’ve been playing both for a number of years:  let’s say 2 and 10, respectively.  In August, Frank heard – from me – that there was a music room on campus where people could jam; but alas, he didn’t play drums or guitar much, if at all.  What he did have was an interest in learning both.

So the dilemma was in front of us:  how do we create a band with just two people, one who knows how to play a handful of instruments, and one who does not.  Well, anyone who has ever seen the movie Joe’s Apartment knows something about drums:  basic rock drumming does not pose a very steep learning curve.  A rife opportunity, indeed.  For Frank’s birthday, I gave him my second pair of drum sticks and from that point forward, we were the Hong Kong Danger Duo.

Over the semester, with a practice here and a practice there, overcoming such adversities as the stupid Band Society’s executive committee not leaving any power chords available for the guitar amplifiers out,  midterms and finals trying to tell us how to spend our spare time, travel plans interrupting the availability of “band time,” and Frank’s only drum instruction coming from me – a person with no formal drum instruction, we got ourselves to the point where we could entertain and impress not only ourselves, but the myriad of friends and UST student amenities employees who came by to watch or throw us out when our booked hour was up.

Frank took some footage of our last jam session where we butchered a handful of songs.  Now, I’m not using the word “butchered” in the sense of us killing or maiming various songs:  I’m using it more in the sense of how one might take a cow, slice it up, and turn that raw input of unharnessed cow power into many juicy cuts of meat, desired by the masses.  (Like using the word ‘bad’ to mean ‘good.’)  As soon as the video surfaces on line, I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, thanks for visiting – I’m signing off.   ~Michael

[Promotional photography designed by Parke Shissler at PMS Design, an innovative and unique prospective out of Boston, Massachusetts.]

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3 thoughts on “Breaking Up The Band

  1. Sounds like you need a bass player, and I happen to play bass like no one else out there. I once played bass so hard that a woman gave birth when she wasn’t even pregnant.

  2. Yow Michael,
    Eventually I put some of the footage in another movie about my exchange. Check out the latest post on my blog.

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