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The Big Comedy Debut!

mjd_debut_sat_feb_16_0001.jpgIt’s unfortunately been way too long time since my last post. Classes have begun, my leg’s well into the healing process, and the year of the rat started with a bang.

Blah blah blah. I’m not getting into any of that just yet; for now they’ll remain daggers still hanging above my head. Allow me to fast forward life to this weekend, and a decent post we can enjoy.

This past weekend marked my Debut performances at Take Out Comedy here in Hong Kong. According to the website:

Fri, 800: Improvisation For Lovers, $100pp
Fri, 930: James Lee, Kay Ross, Big Ben, Michael Dorsher (debut), Nick Milnes, Chris Chan, $150pp
Sat, 800: Fab, Chris Chan, others, Chinese Standup Comedy, $100pp
Sat, 930: Gaelle Gognau, Sean Coleman, Big Ben, Michael Dorsher (debut), Nick Milnes, Chris Chan, $150pp

There I was, listed with the lineup, somehow able to perform two debut shows on different days. Several of us have been trying to figure out how I could debut twice, but nothing reasonable has come from it. I’ll have to ask Jami if the laws of physics, specifically the space time continuum, don’t apply within the club.

Regardless, for all of those unable to attend for some reason or another (too busy, too tired, living 15,000 miles away), here is the video of Saturday night’s debut performance. For all those inquiries, Friday night also went well: but some dufus didn’t remember to rewind the tape before recording.


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6 thoughts on “The Big Comedy Debut!

  1. I love the “Do you want to go to bed trick”. Kerchek also told us it was “very bad”.

  2. Steffan on said:

    Good job, Michael!
    You can hold a party to show us this some day. I think everyone will love it.

  3. Peter on said:

    Hell yeah buddy – pretty freakin funny … helps that roommate taught english in China … hehehe

  4. yay dorsher! that was awesome! the bit at the end about chinese and english names seriously made me laugh out loud. i work with an electronics factory in shanghai and seriously, the english names of some of the people i have conference calls with are so weird.

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  6. yep you are jack our maniac in my chat box and your mental here,

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