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pusa.jpg If you are like me at all, you are sick of wannabe Presidents vying for your ears since those damned exploratory campaigns for the presidential race started to form around January 2007. Who wants to listen to all these politicians, only one of which will soon become an actual President of the United States of America, just an amateur for the first term, when you could wrap your ears around something new from the real Presidents of the United States of America, who’ve been practicing their art since the first President Bush. March 11th – buy this album.

Many assumed that after “Lump” and “Peaches,” PUSA just crawled into a hole and banked their money from the summer of 1995. You would be quite wrong in that assumption. Their ’96 follow-up, II, was just as strong as the first album. I’m not sure why the music industry bigwigs gave up on the follow up attempts by many of those mid-90s era bands, but II seemed to suffer the same fate as Weezer’s Pinkerton, both of equal if not stronger caliber that the bands’ first releases. Weezer went for a commercial comeback: PUSA just kept making their music (Freaked Out and Small-2000, Love Everybody-2004). The theme song for the Drew Carey Show, Cleveland Rocks, was even a PUSA production.

It’s a real shame that their audience lost them as time passed, because the unique, upbeat lyrical style and straight forward, positive rock/punk blend might have kept the masses off Prozac and Zoloft for just a few years longer. Rather than try to clue everyone in on all that’s been missed out on, let me draw some lines from where the love was on their first album, and where you’ll find it with their new release: These Are The Good times People.

If you’re into odd girls like Lump, I urge you not to delay in discovering Mixed Up S.O.B.

If Boll Weevil encouraged your secret love for singing about bugs, you’ll love Lady Bug: featuring boll weevils, maggots, centipedes, dragon flies, troglobites, and of course – Lady Bugs. If you can listen to the song without falling into the “Good Love – You are my Ladybug” chant, you must not enjoy fun.

For those of you who fell in love with Kitty and Froggy, PUSA delivers Poor Turtle.

There’s the standard range of genres represented across the album, from straight forward rock, to slower rock, to rock-a-billy, to jazzy rock, and even acoustic rock, each done in the President’s perfected manner.

If Stranger taught you lessons of love, don’t miss out on the moral of French Girl: “French girl has a problem with the world … Don’t ever get involved with a French girl.”

Of all the songs on the new album, however, the title track More Bad Times is by far the best song. If your Chinese new years resolution for the Year of the Rat was not to listen to this album, break it for this song. PUSA slows down the tempo, breaks out the acoustic guitar, and writes a sweet little love song with an ironic hook. Here’s the chorus:

“You twisted your ankle, I carried you.
You got a divorce, so I married you.
You fell of a cliff, so I burried you.
I wish there were more bad times to see you through:
Wish there were more bad times. ”

Stream the song below:

Here’s the rundown of the album, and links to as many of the songs as I can get to you:

  1. “Mixed Up S.O.B.”
  2. “Ladybug”
  3. “Sharpen Up Those Fangs”
  4. “More Bad Times”
  5. “French Girl”
  6. “Truckstop Butterfly” – Streaming on PUSA website
  7. “Ghosts Are Everywhere” – Streaming on PUSA website
  8. “Loose Balloon”
  9. “Flame Is Love”
  10. “So Lo So Hi”
  11. “Poor Turtle”
  12. “Rot in the Sun”
  13. “Warhead”
  14. “Deleter” – streaming on PUSA Website

The tour dates supporting the new album are already up online. If you can make it – I’m sure its a great show. I have not had the chance to see them myself, so I’ll be absolutely jealous if you can make it to a show. Austiin, Portland and Seattle are this week: don’t miss it!

Post your enjoyment or dissatisfaction below: or if you find any more songs available to stream online.

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  1. you can stream the entirety of the new record over at imeem:

  2. hkdangerduo on said:

    Thanks Stef!

  3. Whitney (XueMei) on said:

    Sooo.. this is my FAVORITE SONG… I played this song for my friend the other day b/c it describes our relationship right now!!

    My best friend, Meghan, broke up with her boyfriend 2 months ago, so since then we have been having slumber parties to have more fun (you get a divorce (break-up) and I marry you) THEN, 2 weeks ago she broke her femur and I have been helping her get around (you break your “femur”, I carried you). I hope she doesn’t fall off a cliff next though, b/c I really don’t want to burry my best friend. Also some other aspects of the song apply too.. like she has never had rabies, eaten tinfoil, or picked up a live hand grinade.

    I did get almost mauled by a crazy monkey though!

    Whitney & Meghan approve this posting 🙂

  4. Emma Ruby on said:

    I’ve been a fan of PUSA since I was a wee child, and in the 90’s especially, every kid needed their own identifying nostalgic sound.

    These Are The Good Times People proves to be a very tasteful album, PUSA didn’t go out of their way to produce something the record company’s wanted to hear, but then again it is still a fresh sound. In no way did they sell out, but they kept true to their sound while still adding new tones and more depth.

    I saw them in Atlanta last year and it was hands down one of the best shows if not the best show I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of shows and seen much more “popular” or “larger” artists. Even still, PUSA rocked my face and everyone around me’s face completely off. I’m even a hardcore punk liking kind of person and this show had much more energy, even raw energy than any mosh pit I’ve been in. I’m not talking violence here, I’m just talking about pure energy and excitement.

    I suggest everyone to see PUSA live no matter who you are. It is neccessary. One of the best moments at the show was when Chris was leaning out to touch some fans and my best friend’s mother pinched his hiney (she happened to be a bit intoxicated at the time, mind you), nonetheless it was the best experience ever.

    Do it. Go to a PUSA show, and keep your life forever feather pluckin’ insane and sip pond water like champange.

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