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HKUST Big Freeze

On the heels of the popular Freeze at Grand Central Station, and the lesser known Freeze at Times Square (mall), comes the next wave of living theater:  Freeze at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology!

Adding to the excitement, this freeze was both intended for fun and protest!

From the Facebook invite:

STOP! Don’ give me stress and tension any more!

STOP! Don’t kick me away from hall!

STOP! Don’t cut registration day off!
cut左reg day ocamp 實泡湯!

STOP! How can we eat LG5 shit at all??

Freeze, think and restart
Awaking HKUST starting at Atrium

Run-DOWN 流程
11:35-11:45 Briefing
11:50-12:00 FREEZE at Atrium!!!

Here’s the bird’s eye video of the freeze from May 5th, with Weezer’s new song “Troublemaker” soundtracking the clip.

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