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Snowman In Boston!

Well, I’m well past the half way point of my round-the-world journey, having left Hong Kong to see Vancouver (airport area), then a short visit to Salt Lake City, Utah (airport), followed by a two week Atlantan extravaganza (with 4 airport trips), and a frequently extending layover in Ft. Lauderdale (airport) – I’ve made it to Boston.

In Atlanta I met up with another frequent travel buddy of mine, the Snowman – not of Cannibal! The Musical fame, though he’ll take credit when it comes up. We’ve traveled New Zealand, Australia, Japan and all over the US together. Tonight, we travel to the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores.

Here are highlights of our trip to Boston! Gotta run to dinner and the airport!


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4 thoughts on “Snowman In Boston!

  1. Where’s Snowman waiting in an airport? Does he get to skip lines?

  2. Audrey on said:

    These pictures are really cool! That snowman has been more places then me! I have the exact same snowman so I had to look at the picture when it came up under Salem Witch Trials 🙂

  3. katie on said:

    wat the hell… u carry a snowman around with u?? get a frekin ass lyfe!

    [webmaster’s comment: the above post was made by some twat promoting justin bieber’s website. i think this is definitely the pot calling the kettle black – though i doubt would understand what that means.]

    If you need to promote new spam messages, please send them directly to – this individual would love to receive them 🙂

  4. snowman witches are awesome

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