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Postcard Swap: Round Two!

So on the Golden Triangle Spring Break trip of 2008 I did mystery postcard swap, because I hadn´t yet announced where I would be. I´m traveling again and gearing up for another round of mystery postcard swap – because who really knows where I´ll end up sending you a postcard from, really.

You´ll have significantly more time for sending back the reciprocal postcard in this run, however, as I don´t yet have an address in Hong Kong. Here´s how the swap will work!

1. Post a comment below letting me know you want one. I’ll send you an email to get your address, so you won’t need to post it online for all to see.

2. Once I get your address, I’ll send you a postcard from somewhere between Lisbon and Hong Kong: that´s about as specific as I can be at the present. If you have a city or country of request between those two places, I´ll see what I can do to accomodate.

3. Go out to your mailbox a week after I get your address, and wait for it to arrive. Seriously. You may want to bring food, perhaps a tent.

Open to all: I don´t really need to know you to send you a postcard – though it helps! If you randomly stumbled upon my page and want a mystery postcard, add a paragraph about yourself and why you want a postcard from somewhere cool. Make it interesting! Time online is costly on the road.

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11 thoughts on “Postcard Swap: Round Two!

  1. Oooo…I want one. We only send postcards and never receive them. We just need to find an address where we can actually receive mail, as the postal system here consists of one guy and his motorcycle. Also, can I steal this idea for our site?

  2. I want one~~~~
    Hi, Michael, how are you recently, now I am using your desk in TPT,hahah

  3. Laura on said:

    me me usual…
    L, L

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  5. colleen on said:

    just surfin’ by….i am new postcard swapping and keeping snail mail alive, so please send one to me. cool.

  6. hey mr. dorsher,
    this is bryan from the Philippines..
    i’ve been a deltiologist for 4 months time.. till i surfed the net and saw your page..
    Interesting idea that you sent cards to people around the globe..
    i am interested to swap cards with you… just give me your address and we can start exchanging cool card…
    This time, im looking for cards from countries that are not common to people, e.g. Armenia, Luxembourg, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Greenland, or mostly African countries…
    If you have time, just visit my simple page in multiply for you to check some of my collection.. including the ALBUM where you can select postcards to be sent to you…
    catch you soon…
    thanks.. xhi xie


  7. APedrosa on said:

    Hello! Please, talk with me. I am availabe for a postcards swap.

  8. Cousin Kris on said:

    We need an address!!!! The girls loved the post cards you sent. Miss you tons!
    Love, K

  9. Margaret on said:

    I would like you to send a post card to my grandson for a school project. After he receives it he will have to learn two interesting facts about it and share it with his class at school.

  10. that’s a brillian idea =D I want a postcard!

  11. Micky and Adi Moreanu on said:

    Hi Michael,

    we receive your post card in march. It was very “touch” for us….more than 1000 mails exchange :)Thank you very very very much for the surprise.


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