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Rapid Post From Russia!

Hey Gang (of 5)!

So here’s a quick update since it’s been a while since my last major posting spree – which I believe was in Istanbul. I have many an update that’s ready to fly out, but no time to get it online. Here’s the quick version:

Since Istanbul:

  • Night Train to Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Night Train to Bucharest, Romania
  • Extended stay in Romania across multiple hosts in Bucharest, all for positive reasons 🙂
  • A few nights in the mountains of Transylvania
  • Night Train to Moldova, and a day between Chisanau and Tiraspol
  • Night Train to Kiev – fun times with the five-oh at the border
  • Several fun days in Kiev with Dylan and Roman, then a night train to Moscow
  • Illegal times in Moscow
  • TranSiberian Railway – not the Orchestra
  • 88 hours later, arrival in Irkutsk
  • Trip to Lake Baikal

So there’s been quite a bit of adventuring, and down time if there was a computer to type on during the train ride, but not so much time with the internet.  Right now I’m on a dial up connection (remember the noise that sounds like two fax machines making love?) in my 5th hostel of the trip.  Get this though: the dial up connection uses an internet ‘phone’ calling card to connect.

More on that later. I’ve got some postcards to procure, a ticket to pickup, and a day and a half of trains to ride to get down to my destination next:  Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia.


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One thought on “Rapid Post From Russia!

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing some Moldova pictures. Maybe you should head to Georgia and catch some military action while you can…

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