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Fun Restrictions at the Olympics

The 2008 Olympic games have come and gone, and I was fortunate enough to get myself out to a few events live in Beijing. I saw the silver medal Australia Women’s Basketball team come back from a huge half time deficit to defeat the women of Russia in preliminary match play, I watched the Russian female pole vaulter break her current world record in the Bird’s Nest stadium, and I got the crowd cheering “Mei Guo, Jai Ya!” for an American boxer in the first week of match-ups.

There are a number of funny things about the olympics this year, which I look forward to sharing when I have more down time near a laptop back in Hong Kong; however, I wanted to post up a few interesting prohibitions from the back of the olympic ticket: the fine print, if I may.

  1. “BOCOG has the right to invalidate any Ticket for any reason at any time.”
  2. “You cannot resell or trade your ticket. You cannot use the Ticket for any political, religious or commerical purpose without the prior written approval of BOCOG.”
  3. “Chineselaws and regulations prohibit you from carrying certain articles to the Venue. You should also not carry restricted articles to the Venue, such as
    • breakable articles

    • containers
    • musical instruments
    • beverages (whether in soft or hard containers, except for medical reasons)
    • and LARGE quantities of
      • BALLS
      • RACKETS
      • FRISBEES and similar objets
    • large objects such as
      • suitcases
      • bags
      • flag poles
      • flags of countries or regions not participating in the Games (this means You, Tibet!)
      • flags larger than 2X1 meters in size
      • signs
      • banners
    • unauthorized professional photography equipment
    • animals (except for those that provide services)
    • transportation vehicles, devices or equipment (other than strollers or wheelchairs)
    • and any other articles that may affect the smooth and orderly progress of the Session or disturb other spectators attending such Session”
  4. “Any behavior that will disrupt the smooth and orderly progress of the Games or violate Chinese laws and regulations is forbidden, such as unauthorized money collection , unauthroized promotional activity or display, and coordinating group use or wear of branded bags, clothing or anything with obvious commercial marks or symbols.”

Sorry for the crap formatting, but china’s making me run through a proxy just to post anything!
Enjoy, M

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2 thoughts on “Fun Restrictions at the Olympics

  1. I could think of so many ways to bypass these restrictions. First, I would carry massive quantities of stuffed turkeys with me as these are not easily-thrown. Second, I see nothing banning me bringing in personal firearms.

  2. maybe it’s the toddlers I’m around lately, but I vote for throwing diapers. Dirty ones. I’m soooooo jealous you got tickets.

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