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Vote Heard ‘Round the World

It’s often hard when you’re in America to understand the magnitude that domestic decisions have on the rest of the world.  This is not a critique of America or Americans:  it is purely a statement of fact.  Americans are not exposed to as much international media or culture as other nations are, as the strength of its domestic industries creates huge barriers for foreign productions to enter, and the fact that a single language, currency and history covers such a large span of both population and geography, with so few bordering countries to top it all, makes America a very isolated nation.

The election of Barack Obama to the role of President was of course a huge issue domestically; it was also a major act that resonated to people around the world.  Understanding how difficult it can be to see what ways the outside world views the context and significance of the event, I decided to grab both of the Free newspapers here in Hong Kong on my walk into work this morning – so that I could then display a collection of all the articles, both in English and Chinese, that were published regarding this event which in any other country would be 99.9% a domestic issue.

Below is a gallery of these articles, with a link to the article that is large enough that once can read the content of each if he or she so wishes.  If you have similar posts on your site from the area that you live in, please post a link below so readers can access those stories as well.

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