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森の池 (Mori No Ike) Songbook

Mori No Ike 森の池 Songbook 1996

Mori No Ike 森の池 Songbook

Long long ago, in the tiny po-dunk town of Dent, Minnesota, population  156, where a rag-tag bunch of gaijin (guy-jean) lived hippy lives while wearing hapi clothes, spending their summer speaking, living, learning, eating and singing Japanese.

From those years past I now resurrect the sacred song book for anyone who is interested, to share, educate, or practice their Nihongo no Uta’s during what has come to be known as “the off season” for many villagers.

Catalogued and printed over 10 years ago, the 1996 song book for Mori No Ike, the Japanese language village of the Concordia Language Villages, is just as timely today as it was in years past.  Hopefully, this online publication will help bring back songs that have dissappeared with the passing of sensei through the ranks, out of the camping life and on to wider and greater adventures.

Dedicated to all of those who have, are, and will continue to keep the spirit and operations of Concordia Language Villages alive, I give you the 1996 森の池 Songbook.

Yours Truely,

機械 (きかい) 先生

Mori No Ike Songbook – 1996.pdf

Table of Contents

  1. Natsuda, Natsuda
  2. Ano Aoi Sora no Youni
  3. Tsubasa O Kudasai
  4. Gohan Da
  5. Yoku Kameyo
  6. Akai Hana, Shiroi hana
  7. Okina Utadayo
  8. Hitori De Utau Yorimo
  9. Sukiyaki (Ue o muite – Arukou)
  10. UFO
  11. Hame Hame Ha
  12. Y.M.C.A.
  13. Teke Teke
  14. Omocha No Chachacha
  15. Shiawase Nara Te O Tatakou
  16. Shiawase Tsukurou
  17. Kaeru No Uta
  18. Tonbai
  19. Tanabata
  20. Kagome Kagome
  21. Odoru Ponpokorin
  22. Mori No Kumasan
  23. Do Re Mi No Uta
  24. Oni No Pantsu
  25. Moshi Moshi Kameyo
  26. Karada no Uta
  27. Kono Hiroi Nohara Ipai
  28. Shiki no Uta
  29. A I U E O No Uta
  30. Momotarou San
  31. Hanaichi Monme
  32. Sakura
  33. Ame Ame
  34. Kite No Nai Okuriteno
  35. Aburahamu ni wa
  36. Akatonbo
  37. Kyou No Hi Wa Sayonara
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  2. hey, this is the Malaysian visitor (the older one) from last month’s TakeOut Comedy Club. that is if you still rmb about it 😉

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