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Asia Bound!

Kyle & Bessie on the Tire Swing - Boulder, CO

Kyle & Bessie Tire Swinging - Boulder, CO

To all my Seoul readers, you’ve got two new additions to your lovely city!  After a year of traveling South of the American border, Kyle & Bessie have landed in Asia.

Who/What/When/Where/Why/How – Please see their blog for details:  no point getting information second hand when you can redistribute it first hand.

If you’re on couch surfing – check them out here:  Couchsurfing Profile

Anyways, why is this exciting at all, besides being the 3rd continent of their travels?  Well, Kyle and I first met here in Hong Kong in 2003 and traveled together then, back in the day.  Now we’re both back in Asia – life’s exciting that way.

Will keep you posted on my upcoming trip to Seoul:  there’s supposedly a comfortable Yoga mat with my name on it.

Kyle & I in Cambodia - 2003

Kyle & I in Cambodia - 2003

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3 thoughts on “Asia Bound!

  1. The yoga mat is pink with butterflies, too. Just how you like it…

  2. You two both look so ridiculous in that picture, I don’t think I would have fessed up to knowing you…

    Thanks for writing about us! Hope to see you here soon!

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