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It’s Almost Christmas Time, Hong Kong!

With such small homes, in such tall buildings, home Christmas decorations in Hong Kong pale in comparison to what the typical suburban home in the US&A might roll out for the holidays. No injuries from people falling off ladders trying to staple lights to the side of the gutters this time of year, 42 stories above the ground level for this metro area.

Instead, we sport massive decorations in public spaces – namely shopping malls, as they are our most abundant commons. Now that I’m able to update the blog on-the-go from my new mobile, I’ll put up new updates as I encounter HK Christmas decorations throughout the season.

On the walk back to catch the 3am ferry home on Sunday morning after two great Paul Ogata shows (see ), we encountered an interesting night scene of of the beginnings of holiday decorations going up in central, just outside of the Central Post office.






Around the corner, at the International Financial Center mall, another big Christmas exhibit has been erected – but it’s still under wraps. Last year they had a big Christmas ferris wheel: I think it looks like a big Christmas elephant!IMG_0009

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3 thoughts on “It’s Almost Christmas Time, Hong Kong!

  1. Everybody likes a Christmas elephant!

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