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The Vitamin Water Give-Away!

TakeOut Comedy enjoying Vitamin Water!Everyone loves free stuff, but people just don’t seem to buy into the Coca-Cola Companies efforts in giving away free samples of Vitamin water.

The back story: Coke has rented out a three story shop space on Staunton Street in Soho, Central here in Hong Kong. They’ve decked it out with three floors of plush hang out facilities, with crazy space dome chairs suspended from the ceiling in the lower level, free wi-fi access, a Nintendo Wii upstairs, and a small make-up corner for the ladies. You can wander in once a day (though they don’t keep track), spin the wheel (I landed on monkey – hence my expression in the photo above) and get a free bottle of flavoured vitamin water. The ‘ou’ is because we’re in Hong Kong.

Despite Hong Kong’s eternal love affair with a bargain, when we wandered in Sunday night after the Paul Ogata farewell dinner the place was practically deserted! When I told people at work, their reactions to FREE WATER were equally incredible: ‘I don’t want to get addicted on the free stuff just to get hit by a price hike in January – I learned ny lesson last time there was a free coke giveaway!’

Seriously people, don’t let a lack of will power get between you and a good deal. Where else in the world can you get FREE WATER just out on the street. Water doesn’t just grow on trees! Crapie diem! Get out and stock up on bottles now before, like plastic bags, we get charged a 50 cent tax for every one we get!

As we walked out from the best FREE WATER give away extravaganza one could possibly imagine, it started to rain…

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