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WordPress 2.0 Iphone App: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

In the recent weeks I’ve been able to make huge moves in increasing posts to this site, in big part due to my recent acquisition on mobile connectivity to the web – making my daily ferry commutes infinitely more productive.

I’ve been using the wordpress application for the iPhone, which allows me to write and save posts, upload photos and approve comments etc etc. It even allows me to start a post and save it locally on the phone so I can continue to work on it later with out any delay. Quite handy indeed.

However, there’s a major bug in the program which causes entire posts to be lost. Here’s how it happens:

Between saving the post locally on my phone as a draft and publishing it online, I have a couple of options.
1. Directly publish from the phone
2. Save as a draft online an later publish it from the web portal

The application must use a completely different server than the standard wordpress editor, as I am unable to access drafts on my site from the phone.

The only accessible articles are those that are locally created and saved, or those that are globally published on the site. If I save as a site draft, I can no longer edit nor publish from my phone application. But if I publish a saved draft on my phone, and it does not upload properly or completely upload all the photos, it will no longer be saved as a local draft within the wordpress application, and to my knowledge the post and all the work I put into it will be lost. It will not remain as a saved local text file once I flag it to STATUS: Published. These are programmed as mutually exclusive options.

Word of caution when publishing posts with photos: publish the post with text only and add the photos when you are connected to a wifi network or computer. Though my data network has been phenomenal for my usage so far, publishing a post with more than two photos can lead to losing the post alltogether.

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One thought on “WordPress 2.0 Iphone App: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

  1. You should create a new ticket for it here:

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