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Giving for Growvember

A strange and wonderful phenomenon is doing ridiculous things in the name of charity. Visiting all the 7/11’s in Hong Kong comes to mind, as an example; or perhaps a 100km trail hike for Oxfam might fit the bill better. These things fall into the “Wow, that would be great fun: but how to convince everyone I’m not crazy in the process!?!?”. The twist: do it for charity. Then people will look like jerks if they oppose your scheme.

This is the vain I’d love to think Growvember was born. Also know as Movember, sometimes Stachetober, it’s a time to let the modern day social norm of a clean shaven modern male slide by the wayside and unleash one’s testosterone on the facial landscape for a month mixed with the awkward and the awesome – with the goal of raising money and awareness of prostate cancer. With the comedy gods laying their blessing on this scheme, it was a month to unleash the beast within.

Here were the ground rules: the first of November everyone shaves completely, and then let’s the facial design of their choice develop throughout the month. Each week we took photos to track progress, posting them on our Facebook page, and after every show we held out a top hat by the exit to receive donations from the kind people of Hong Kong.*

Having already accomplished massive ‘Burns in the past for the sake of educating children, I decide to go for a throw back mustache to rival that of Johnny Depp’s from Public Enemies.

In my last performance of the month, I described the difficulties encountered over the past four weeks on my way to Mustachetopia, and tried to explain some of the misconceptions I learned of through this experiment:

Below are the weekly progress snapshots for your viewing pleasure. With a single hat held out at the exit for the month of November, we collected HK$5000. If you would like to make a donation to our collection to the benefit of the Hong Kong Cancer Society, you can do so by commenting below and I can send you my address to mail a check.

And what would Growvember be without a tribute night of comedy – enjoy all the mustache humor!  View the Facebook page with everyone’s monthly photos here.

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