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Resurgence of Humornomics

Last nights comedy show saw the resurgence of my economics masters project, Humornomics, in which I used the TakeOut Comedy club as my laboratory for the elaborate scheme of studying comedy rather than books, and seeing what might come of it.

In the end, the project turned out quite well. But after graduating and working, the early fervor behind the idea had died out, and the study went along the wayside. But an unexpected guest dropped by the Comedy Club last night: Stephen Dubner, co-author of the best-selling Freakonomics.

When he introduced himself, and the club owner noted that he was the author of Freakonomics, I immediately mistook him for Stephen Levitt – but that’s what happens when you co-author a book with someone with the same first name as you. Knowing his background, I mentioned just before the show started the topic of my economics masters project – which more than sparked his curiosity.

After hosting a truly phenomenal show, Stephen interviewed me regarding the specifics of the project for an upcoming public radio show that he is working on now. Once it airs, I’ll provide the link for everyone’s enjoyment.

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3 thoughts on “Resurgence of Humornomics

  1. Rad & random! I look forward to a link. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Sweet! One step closer to fame and fortune!

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