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Today I’m heading off for the first rehersal for April’s Comedy Dim Sum show. With the long delay for any new updates, I havn’t had a chance to post anything about this new show that we started at TakeOut Comedy in January.

Comedy Dim Sum: Comedy Skits and Other Bite Sized Bits (Jasmin tea is not included) is a new sketch/variety show at TakeOut Comedy that runs the last Thursday of each month, complimenting the People’s Liberation Improv (PLI) show (first Friday of every month), and stand-up comedy shows quite nicely. PLI Improv is also featured in each of the comedy dim sum shows.

Rather than stand-up comedy (where some things are made up on the spot) and improvisational comedy (where EVERYTHING is made up on the spot), Comedy Dim Sum is a full scripted/rehersed comedy experience. It’s another great outlet for Hong Kong to come out and vent some of those lovely everyday frustrations that make this city what it is, and make the audience laugh at the same time. It’s the Kids in the Hall, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Saturday Night Live of Hong Kong: brain child of producers Mahesh Mansigani and Gary ‘Gweilo’ Jackson.

Below are a few of the videos and live skits that I wrote/produced for the January and March shows. Sorry February: I was in Thailand. Enjoy!

Wan Chai – A Fragrance for Lovers

Fake Language School of Hong Kong

Marketing Comedy Dim Sum

See more videos from past shows at COMEDY DIM

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