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I listen to a lot of podcasts while riding boats between my beach-side-pleasure-dome in the boondocks of Hong Kong and Central:  the working district.  I try to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world, and get a good laugh every now and then.  NewsHour Podcast, WaitWait Don’t Tell Me, Marketplace, and the occasional RTHK Radio Podcast are top on the list.  Let’s also add Freakonomics Podcast to the list, as I was recently featured there (don’t ignore the hand that gives you free publicity!)  But recently I’ve found a new podcast that has some fantastic interviews and info for the world of comedy -> Maximum Fun.Org’s The Sound Of Young America.

Rather than gush over this new find, with all their music, comedy, and alt-entertainment stars, check it out for yourself.  Here are three recent episodes that are well worth the look:

American:  The Bill Hicks Story – Director Matt Harlock and Steve Hicks Talk about the new Film

Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh of Upright Citizens Brigade talk about their new show Players, the art of Improv, and starting out on their own after leaving Second City

Aziz Ansari Interview

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One thought on “Great Comedy Podcast

  1. I’m also a podcast guy… One of my funny favorites is the Bugle… I think you might like that. For news, I also like Planet Money as well as, of course, This American Life.

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