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MTR Advert of the Month

As marketers will remind us, the best way to keep up with what is new-and-happening in the world is to stay abreast of the latest round of advertisements. When in Hong Kong, there’s no better way to do this than keep your eyes on the prowl while journeying on the MTR (aka subway system).

I’m a rare MTR rider these days due to my remote island paradise lifestyle; however, I took a gander while traversing central through our human mole tunels to avoid waiting for cross walks and traffic signals to go my way: we’ve all been there.

While checking out the recent ads, I thought it’d be much more fun to share some of these posters with everyone else; consequently, here they are in the first MTR ADVERT OF THE MONTH blog posting.

April 2010 ads all fall under the category of “healthy lifestyle” promotion … ie, weight loss and slimming centers.
Post your vote below! (sorry, none with Chrissy this month)


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9 thoughts on “MTR Advert of the Month

  1. Definitely the last one. More boobage there.

    • I like the last one too, because the company shows heart. I mean, in all the other pictures they use models with two hands: this one they’re supporting one-handed models

  2. Models two and four might also be one-handed, so I don’t think 3D Medicare are alone in their enlightened approach to the differently abled.

  3. Echo on said:

    Hi Michael, this is totally unrelated to the MTR eye candies and I apologize for taking up the space.

    I’m a final year student in HK. In the past few months I’ve been harassing Jami and the others at TakeOut for my graduation project. It’ll come out as a 12-15 page “magazine” and I’m working on the sidebars and supporting stories. I believe we’ve met once or twice at the basement and at Champs.

    While doing research I listened to the Freakonomics podcast and took notes of your accounts of the mechanism of laughter. So here I am bugging you. May I have your permission to write it up? I have just a few more questions, which I’m pretty sure you’ve already covered in your graduate paper. Is there a way I could get access to excerpts of it, or can I possibly contact you by email or on the phone? I promise it won’t take long…

    Thanks for your time and have a good weekend.

  4. Minnie bus on said:

    ok, have you seen the weight loss ads where the before picture is the woman when she’s pregnant. *head explodes*

  5. Echo on said:

    Hey Michael,

    I’ve been to some of your shows. You were standing up for a dozen hours on the Comedython so I decided I should leave you alone that night. Great job by the way.

    Sorry I thought I left my email address in the little box above, how silly of me. My gmail is chenjye, or call me at six eight four six four two five six. Thank you!

  6. Another sign for you, Dorsher (although unfortunately not inside the MTR system…)

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