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As Seen in the Shanghai Airport

While killing time between flights from LA and towards Hong Kong, I did quite a few laps in my zombie state of mind, trying to stave off jet lag for another few hours to get a full nights sleep in Hong Kong. In those laps I discovered quite a few things that made me chuckle, though – to be perfectly honest – I had ‘airport goggles’ on at the time, which certainly affect ones own perceptions.

If you’re wandering through an airport, jet lagged or not, you’re bound to find some ridiculous things. Add China into the mix, and you’ve got a pretty good time on your hands.

If the actual cafe is closed, you can come here - which simply acts as the cafe. It's not a real cafe: it's ACTING!

The Shanghai Pudong airport has all these drinking water stations around the airport. They seem like quite the convenience, especially in a country where you don't drink the tap water. But let's take a closer look...

The cups along the side of the drinking water are explicitly only to be used for drinking the cool water. Let's find where that might be...

Hmmm... The water appears to be at 98 degrees Celsius... And we have a button for Warm water, Warm water, and Hot water... But remember - the Cups are only for the COOL water. So much for a free water station in Shanghai Pudong Airport!

Just in case you might have spent time in China WITHOUT purchasing the mandatory supply of panda oriented products. With PandaQ, you can ensure you meet the exit quota on Pandas so that immigration will let you catch your flight out of the country.

In a country where most trash is thrown on the ground, as long as the ground is outside your home, here in the airport we have both trash and recyclying recepticles. But what's that red section in the middle???

Of course - Non-recyclables, Recyclables, and Pernicious Garbage. I had to look this third one up, because in the US we don't have a Pernicious waste bin that we put out on the street. This would be the area for garbage that falls under the Pernicous category - as defined Pernicous is an adjective for something that is (1.) Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly - (2.) Causing great harm; destructive; - or the archaic meaning (3.) Evil; wicked. So this is where you can put your SARS/SWINE FLU tissues, or any other deadly virus tainted rubbish. Can be used to throwing away used needles I suppose, or trash of the occult nature that might disrupt the balance of society - such as ready materials, or google searches performed in mainland. The Chinese have thought of everything!

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2 thoughts on “As Seen in the Shanghai Airport

  1. I don’t even know what pernicious means.

  2. Jean on said:

    The hot water thing is so funny, anyway, I never used that kind of machine whenever I was in airport before.

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