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Double Standards in Signs

I saw these two signs at the gym, which label the men and womens changing areas, respectively. Now the local fitness center in my area has recently undergone (continues to undergo) worthless renovation that have covered the nice stone walls with bullshit particle-plastic-fake-stone walls. I’m not sure if these signs were part of the renovation, but if you take a look at the two, you’ll notice the outrage!

Notice the underpants? I did.

So what - guys at this gym allegedly don't wear underpants??? Guilty as charged

Why is it that the Women’s restroom sign shows the generic woman wearing underwear, but the generic man is standing naked?!?!? And if that’s the case, why does he have no penis!?!?! I went in to investigate this veritable changing room for Eunuchs; however, there was no one else inside…

Then I had to do a double check. I mean, when I was climbing over Lion rock and the sign I passed said the area was for experienced jokers only, I instantly took that to mean that now I was, in fact, an experienced hiker. Fortunately, everything was still there.  But in the future, I’m not taking my chances.  I’ll walk back home for a shower and change!

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