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LA Trip: Braves VS. Dodgers

On my recent trip to Los Angeles with my brother, we managed, amongst many other wonderful things*, to catch a Dodgers game in the classic Dodgers Stadium. My youthful ball club, which I followed until the first players strike of the nineties – when I gave up on Baseball as a target for my adoration and interests, just happened to being the middle of a series against the Atlanta Braves. What great timing on our trip West.

Below you’ll find us siting in the upper deck, rallying the Braves in a sea of Dodger Blue with the Atlanta favorite Tomahawk Chop: Chant and all. The end result: Braves hit in 7 runs in the seventh, between two different Dodger’s pitchers – my childhood favorite getting taken to the Chopping Block^. Oh, the teams you’ll cheer for, for your brother.

Though, truth be told, having Joe Torre as general manager makes me want to route against any team in the league.

The Dodgers fans tried to bring their team back to a respectable loss with their Rally Butterfly, but it was no match for the power of the classic, slightly offensive, Tomahawk Chop.

* – many other wonderful things include: daily breakfast at In-N-Out Burger, two days in Vegas, $45 stay at the Luxor, Hoover Dam, hanging out with my brother, original Tommy Burger in LA at midnight with our Uncle, Butch Bradley Comedy show in Las Vegas, Paul Ogata how at the Laugh Factory in LA, Bill Cosby show at the Fox theater in Riverside, playing with cousins in the backyard, playing catch in the backyard, $1 blackjack tables at the Saharah, meeting up wig one of the Moroccan Princesses in LA for shows at the Improv, Photo with Cosby selling Jello on Hollywood Boulevard
^ – See what I did there? Tomahawk Chop: CHOPping block! That’s clever stuff for you**
** – Footnote style adopted after reading Foreman’s blog frequently. It’s great. You’d enjoy it, even if you are a bit of a Perfumed-Ponce…

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