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2010: My Comedy Year In Review

Looking back at the 2010 year in terms of comedy and performing reveals a tide well seized in my 3rd year of performing Stand-Up Comedy.  Over the past 12 months, the stats highlights look pretty sweet.  Apart from being a regular host and headliner at TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong:  I wrote and performed in 2 Comedy Dim Sum Sketch shows, opened for 7 full-time comics from overseas, performed in 10 new venues across 4 countries in Asia, saw a comedy legend perform, and helped raise HKD60,000 for Hong Kong Dog Rescue hosting the 12-hour long Comedy Marathon.  Let’s look at the month by month 2010 Comedy year in Review.January through March saw the creation and dissolution of Comedy Dim Sum, a variety show format program that burst forth through a wealth of creative energy.  I wrote and performed in a handful of skits, one of which brought new found stardom on soon-to-be-named 2010’s Funniest person in Hong Kong (eng) Andrew Chu. This brought a different challenge in comedy, having to write and memorize scripts, direct and perform with others on stage.  Overall, a very fun experience, which helped to get me back into using my camera and producing new video shorts.  Spurned me to write and record a show theme song, as well!

In February I had the fortune to open for Wali Collins at the Hong Kong Football Club, which was a great venue and an awesome show to be apart of.

In March I expanded to my second venue in Singapore with a 20 min headlining set to cap off the TakeOut Comedy Singapore open-mic at Taraana in Boat Quay.  More amusing, however, is that the bar turned into a lightly erotic Indian strip join shortly after the end of the show.  (Dot, not a feather)

April I was back in Singapore again, hosting the opening night of TakeOut Comedy Singapore in Live!@Bojangles in Tanglin Square.  Coming back to Hong Kong I then performed at Dada Lounge in Tsim Sha Tsui, as well as playing guitar on stage in two improved songs with Butch Bradley.  Another big highlight of April was being interviewed by New York Times Columnist and Freakonomics author Stephen Dubner.

In early May I was able to host the first Hong Kong Comedy Marathon, which raised HKD60,000 for the Hong Kong Dog Rescue charity, which was extremely exciting to be involved in.  What was really felt good was being able to host for the 12 hour show.

By the end of May I went back to Atlanta for vacation, where I was invited to perform again at Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Lounge on a show (read as open-mic) with Margaret Cho (read as ‘who?’).

On my way back to Hong Kong I enjoyed a number of great shows: I saw Butch Bradley perform at the Four Queens Casino in Vegas, Paul Ogata perform at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, and lastly a legend of the comic stage and the first comedian who’s jokes I ever listened to again and again – I had the great fortune and timing to watch Bill Cosby perform a two hour long solo show at the Fox Theater in Riverside, CA.

Back in Hong Kong in June,  I was invited to open for Dutch comic and Television Actor Pieter Jouke at a private show hosted by the Dutch Council at Grappa’s Cellar in Hong Kong.

July I was invited to Open for Tim Young at TakeOut Comedy.

In October opened the 4th Annual Hong Kong Comedy Festival, and hosted a Halloween Music & Comedy experiment at Xperience in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, sharing the stage (read as ‘floor’) with local bands The Curs, Transnoodle, Bahouki, and Swamp Things.

I November I was back in Singapore again, and performed at Home Club, BluJazz and TAB bar, getting to perform with Singapore’s newly formed comedy scene, Comedy Masala, and open for Dougie Dunlop from Scotland, Eddie Brimson of London, and Lawrence Mooney from Melbourne.

In December, I started the month with a performance (read as ‘open mic’) at Tony’s Itaewon in Seoul, Korea.  Then, to cap off the year with a bang, Ryan Hynek, James Morley, Dennis Wronka and I put together a show at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos ‘e’ Nu Nu Noos while on Christmas holiday in Boracay on the evening of the 30th.

What a year!

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One thought on “2010: My Comedy Year In Review

  1. it’s a great year!!:)

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