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Farewell Gifts NOT for the World Traveler

Welcome back; and, thanks for noticing.

I just returned from world-circumnavigation number two, all in once piece. Fortunately, so did the following items gifted to me at the beginning of the trip.

It all started with a wedding in Vancouver.  I came packed so lightly:  one suit bag and one rolling suitcase.  Not bad for three weeks.  After emceeing the wedding, I was graced with receiving, what I stated at the time were, two difficult items for the next three and a half weeks of traveling around the world:  100ml of aftershave and a glass bottle of Canadian Maple syrup (keep in mind, this is before the Vancouver Losers-riot, when the Canada name was sullied only by bears in the great outdoors) – neither one of which would have been a pleasant thing to have break and spill throughout my suitcase, and both containers with too much liquid to achieve carry-on status for the airplanes.

But continuing down the coast, new fragile, smelly, sticky travel items in tow.  Doing one of many comedy shows along the trip, Comedy Underground booker Seth Lazear was so pleased to receive a TakeOut Comedy Hong Kong T-shirt (now for sale at a certain club near Elgin St) that he insisted on trading for a Comedy Underground T-shirt.  Fantastic!  Except that they seemed to be out.  None-the-less, Seth tried to gift me with a laughing drama-mask from the wall – which was larger than a dart board, and consequently would not fit in my bag either.  I had to politely refuse, which brings us to the mini version:  white, ceramic, and another fragile item to add to my diminutive packings.

If breakable, smelly, and sticky didn’t cover all the bases, we then went onwards to birthday-town – which brought the addition of pocket knives, read as banned-travel-items, to my bulging luggage.  USA tagged pocket knife – to represent the most likely homeland security administration to steal it while rifling through my luggage.

But now – I’ve made it back to Hong Kong with everything intact.

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