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REVIEW: Mock Stars: Indie Comedy & the Dangerously Funny (JOHN WENZEL)

Mock Stars

Verdict: Some Hidden Gems (very hidden)

This book is a real pain in the ass to get through, because the authors writing style is a cross between a biased-rabid-fan, a wanna-be scene-hugger/groupie, and hipster critic who feels a need to not only editorialize but also use hip-ironic cliche’s to prove his “hipster cred”. There are some real gems of connection from artists in this book, and lot of great ideas for promotion and small scale DIY touring, and a great resource of comedy materials to check out in the index – but John Wenzel’s style sucked the goodness out of this piece. It’s like reading a crappy dissertation on why he thinks his new favorite comedy style is the best in the world, which he old got into several months before writing the book. Even fans of Mr. Show will likely find it hard to get through his pathetic fawning over his interview subjects. Check it out from the library or pick it up second hand, but certainly don’t by a new copy of this one.

Have you read “MOCK STARS: INDIE COMEDY AND THE DANGEROUSLY FUNNY” by John Wenzel? If so, please post your review below.

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