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New Venture: HK Taxi Awards

Tonight I’ve launched a new blog-tweet-fb page (pronounced “fub’page”) to tackle a problem of Hong Kong taxi cab service: it’s so spread out and independent, while at the same time being terribly commoditized in it’s presentation around the city, that good drivers and bad drivers all get mixed in together.

I’ve had some great rides, and some really crap rides. I find much refusal for particular destinations, complaining to the customer for having to drive to common places, refusal to go to landmarks nearby because it’s not on the drivers desired route while he’s fishing for a fare to get him somewhere, as well as some really wonderful service, exceptionally kind hearts, and fun, friendly drivers.

Hong Kong Taxi Awards

On twitter @HKTAXI

On Facebook

Check it out: and if you are in the hong kong area, help contribute by sharing those twitter feeds, emailing us, and posting to our Facebook page.

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