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2011 in (my) Comedy

2011 proved to be a mixed year in comedy, but overall progressing towards another great year in 2012.

In 2012 we said good-bye to a large number of great friends and personalities from TakeOut Comedy

  • Dennis Wronka – moved back to Germany
  • Smita Venkat – exiled to New Haven
  • James Foreman – banished to Singapore
  • James Lee – fell to similar fate as other noteworthy Jameses
  • Chris Musni – pissed off club owner, 2nd case of ‘banned from the venue’ in 5 years: fallout grew from first case


Mad Props:

  • Ted Alexandro, friend and amazing comedian for standing up for what he believes in through Occupy Wall Street movement
  • Umar Rana, for making Comedy Masala a real comedy force in the region
  • Every new comic who graced their first stage in 2011, breaking through the biggest hurdle to becoming a factory of laughs in your own right

Sneak Peak for 2012? Here is my expectations for (my) comedy in 2012:
Online – look for some more action on the web in 2012
On Ground – look for new venues in familiar places, and exploration into new spaces
On You – I’ll do what I can to put my funny on you


I feel like the prom king


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