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A Two-fer? Weak.

Following up on my post last week, today I went back to China Travel Service to get my new Tourist Visa. As expected, due to my current situation (stuck 4 months between for Hong Kong renewal and a minimum multi entry 6 month visa option) they would only issue a 2 entry visa for me.

This is a blemish on my otherwise stellar record with the immigration authorities: 4 years of multi-entry visa’s denied!

“What’s the big deal?” you ask. As per the reciprocal visa scheme, it costs US citizens 150USD for ANY China Visa: 12 month, 6 month, double entry or single entry! So instead of galavanting willy-nilly into the Great Red North, I have to budget and plan to ensure each entry is worth 75USD.

That puts a lot of pressure on this weekend’s audience at the comedy show… They better live up to the hype…

NOTE TO APPLICANTS WHO MAY WORK AT A NEWS ORGANIZATION: avoid applying for your China visa directly at the visa office: apply at a CHINA TRAVEL SERVICE (CTS) office in Hong Kong. I am not a reporter, but there is a new organization at my firm. Anyone who applies directly at the office with my companies name on their employment information will be required to furnish an official letter from human resources team stating that he or she will not be reporting on specified upcoming trips, and it is purely for tourism purposes. It doesn’t matter what you list as your position/role at work: the immigration office will refuse your request without the letter, even for a tourism purpose visa.

For this visa I applied at CTS without the letter, but their grease makes the machines run smooth.

It might cost HKD50 more through them, but you avoid the waiting, avoid the lines, and avoid the hassle.


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