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Flowers of War

I just got home from watching the new rape of Nanking war film “Flowers of War”. The film is very powerful, and definitely not for everybody.
I think Saving Private Ryan is a go-to standard for realistic war violence in movies. The graphic nature of this film’s violence builds on that, but is so much harder to watch due to the personal nature of the history. Nanking was not a battlefield where thousands died as was Gettysburg or the Beaches of Normandy. Nanking was a major city that was occupied, pillaged, raped, and massacred. To opposing armies firing at one another is one thing: bloodlust hungry soldiers chasing women and children to defile and break them is something else entirely.
It seems unhuman, is inhumane, and provides both a truly wicked antagonist and a very true historical reality. The human trafficking in the film Taken seemed hard to seem and chilling for the same reasons: the scale of it in Flowers of War is immense.
This is not to say the film is bad. If it was done with anything less, it would have been no worth producing. The fictitious story, which echoes a number of real circumstances faced by the “good nazi” John Rabe, is worthwhile. Characters display growth through the ordeal, suspense is present throughout with the city under Japanese occupation, and holds out through to the end credits. This is not a movie to see if you’re looking for something light and fun. If you’re prepared for the intensity of the subject matter, this will definitely tear at your heart.


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