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Ideas for the 22nd century: Shwitter

Twitter is silly. Of all the programs that should be cut from the federal budget in the United States, keeping all messages sent over Twitter in the library of Congress is one I would promote dropping. Small savings, certainly: but it will set a certain precedent.
Twitter is not, however, worthless. As an aggregation and historical tracking system, I can see it being a medium which filters in well with other analytical toilets to provide something useful.
Enter Shwitter. Combine the real-time, historical tracking of twitter, with fecal analysis, and deliver it to your general practitioner or local faceless HMO’s office, and now you’ve got something powerful that will help improve preventative healthcare and detect shitty conditions before they ruin your week. This could result in an automation of the ‘sick note’ processing, as well as hundreds of other useful though yet to be dreamt up ideas.
I don’t have the power, nor the engineering expertise to accomplish such an important achievement on my own. Enter my recent discovery to the rescue: JAPAN TOILET INSTITUTE. If anyone can create a toilet with the power to analyze deposits and provide personal toilet historical analysis, JTI can.


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