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What can you get for US$90?

From my days driving across the country, I remember a few times having to make an overnight stop in an unplanned city and needing to penny up some cash for a place to stay. Motel 6, Something Inn, Yes Vacancy, or any other random easy-in/easy-out highway side place fit the bill well enough; however, the bill didn’t always fit the place.
The rooms are predictable in all such locations. One or perhaps two beds depending on availability, basic American Standard bathroom setup, an over chlorinated pool if you’re particularly lucky, perhaps an extremely continental breakfast, and a tv with HBO, as Magic Fingers have seemed to gone the way of the past.
The rates move like gasoline prices as you zip across the country. High supply yields lower rates, and vice versa. High demand yields higher rates, and occasionally the contrary holds – but it’s not a bet worthy phenomenon. I recall paying as low as $45.99+tax (always plus tax, a gripe for another day) and have heard requests in upwards of $200, typically yielding a casual “I can stay in the car for that much” thought, with all the harmlessness of the first 3 minutes of a horror flick. In summary, the variance in price for equal quality can be pretty extreme.
I always think about this as I prepare and book, sight-unseen, to any hotel outside the realms outside of a major chain with reputational standards to meet. Anyone who’s peaked behind the veil of marketing knows how easily what is shown may not be what you get. “That IS the room you are staying in, but those pictures were taken many years ago…” says the kindly matron; “All ten reviews were very positive, and from travelers all over the world!” as verified by the wildwestworld (herin referred to as WWW) of the Internet, an act of email creation and posting that might take up all of 1 hour to produce; “But my best friend said it was absolutely the best place they’ve ever stayed!” adding more empirical evidence towards the adage that there is no accounting for ‘taste’. All of this in mind, I hopped a flight with Hong Kong Airlines bound for Bali/Denpasar airport in Indonesia with bookings for 3 nights at La-Joya.
Suffice it to say, I was impressed. US$90 here is definitely a lot of money locally, but your standard room in an international resort will still range four to ten times more. Quaint, well kept, and well designed, the little bungalow rooms with ‘private’ patio and garden space are great for a relaxing getaway.
See for yourself!

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