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A Beautifully Rainy Vacation

There is a great commonality between rainy days and vacations: both lend the insistence that it is OK to relax, vegetate, and underachieve by sunnier days’ standards.

CNY falls within the off season for Bali. As with most equatorial lands, the idea of summer versus winter is outmoded. Heat is present year round, and so the year is split into two different seasons: dry and wet. The typical aversion to rainy days at the beach marks Bali’s wet season as the low season for tourism.

It’s amazing how many seasons you can have with consistent temperatures year round.

The rain provides for a perfect opportunity to specifically not overachieve on vacation, focusing less on the exploration and placing an emphasis on relaxation.
Attached is a 5 minute video for enjoying the Balinese rain storm. Relax at will.

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One thought on “A Beautifully Rainy Vacation

  1. Dylan Trujillo on said:

    Mike! Been a while. It’s Dylan, from the old Circuit City days. I’d love to catch up. Drop me a line at xxxxxxxxxx

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