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Meal on a Stick

I have long family history of stories about food items consumed and presented on sticks. It comes with the territory of US carney, renaissance and state fair culture. Not to say that I’m a carney – but I’m sure I’d fit in, in a Patrick Jain sort of way.

Well, I got one upped last night while wandering the streets of Seoul looking for gloves and a scarf. Why wouldn’t I have these already when it’s -6 degrees outside? How about because MIND YOUR OWN BIZNESS?!?!? MAYBE THAT’S WHY!!! J/K people: I left my gloves in a Beijing cab, dropped the earmuff’s in a urinal AND a toilet, and misplaced my scarf in the last 24 hours. A series of unfortunate events.

Back to the story at hand. I saw a brilliant new invention last night which would transform the food on a stick market forever, sending traditionalists crying ‘Foul!’ and garnering praise from progressives everywhere.

Take a corndog, the basis of all contemporary stick cuisine. Fry and batter it into some sort of tempura/tonkatsu style coating. Now, roll it in french fries annnnnnnnnnd serve.

If it had soda inside of it, it would be an entire meal on a stick.

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