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I came into Pacific Coffee on Nathan road after Mandarin class, to sit and pour over my current Read on Korea del Norte. I’ll admit, it is probably an unhealthy obsession: North Korea, not Pacific Coffee – but I could probably make the same argument, now that you bring it up.

I choose a window section with their signature big red chairs. No, I didn’t purchase anything (yet-implied), and YES, I am waiting for a friend (politely, rather than ordering for my own selfish self and throwing him under the bus, thank you very much for asking-also implied). I picked the one with back to the window and settled in.

Or I tried to.

This seat, however, had a deep valley worn by the seats of a thousand asses. Distinctively worn, I tried to fun the point of comfort.

Ass-shift forward. Reasonably well centered now. Lean back. Still not quite there.

Ass-shift forward. Closer to the edge. Still not in the proverbial valley.

Once more unto the seat.

Ass-slide cautiously into the seat. Proper divet found. Lean back, annnnnnnnnnnd…

What position IS this. The seat has provided me with a hunchback’s sitting gait, head slumped forward, practically immobilized. I’ve instantly generated an old man slump. Am I asleep all afternoon? AM I DEAD?!?!?

Has someone else died in this seat?

I had to shift seats. Leaving the crippled degenerate seat for my buddy’s arrival.

Power play


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